New Horizons Music Ensemble *NEW FOR 2019*

Class Description

Starting September 2018, the Music Den will begin conducting formal music lessons and rehearsals for NHO members. The lessons and rehearsal sessions will be held in the RPAC This is a semester program that culminates in performance.

What we do: Offer classes and performance opportunities to adults ages 50 and up. Establish the NHO Program in the Randolph community Offer the opportunity for older musicians to rent and play an instrument

Specifications: Members must be age 50+. Students must be willing to meet twice per week for a period of time and
eager to perform in an ensemble. Students must become a member of NHO.

All classes and performances will be held at The Music Den in the RPAC. A qualified conductor and teacher(s) will be present for lessons and monitor performances.

For more information about New Horizons, visit the Organization's Website:

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