MAMTG - Member (Music Competitions, Evaluations, Performances) SUCCESS for The Music Den - See Comments

Mid Atlantic Teachers Guild (MAMTG) offers a festival each year for students to compete/perform with other students accross the state and even from Pennsylvania, Boston! 

The Music Den is proud to report that we are a member and  sponsor of this event.

Our students are welcome to register for the event or mutliple events to perform and possibly win trophies and/or cash prizes!

It is a wonderful experience and an opportunity for students to interact with other musicians and students studying in New Jersey!

To learn more about MAMTG, please check the website.

To register for the event  please contact our Education Desk at (973) 927-5800 Ext 106. 

We will guide you through the process.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity!


We have already has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! Some of our students have photos on the mamtg website from the 2017 event!




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This year we had 16 students participate in the event! What an experience. The students were surprised and delighted at the level of professionalism of the event. More than 1,500 students from all over NJ, Connecticutt, Pa, and other areas attended and competed. This event gives students the chance to perform and to see just what other students are doing accross the state at their level. It is the premier event to showcase the hard work being done on your instrument. 

Winners will be announced Sunday and we will post pictures and trophies shortly!

Good job by all students who participated!

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