Class Description: 

Hello everyone! We are currently beta testing our online lessons platform. Within the next few months, we will be offering "online" lessons!

This is ideal for those who live a considerable distance from The Music Den, but want to work with one of our outstanding teachers!

Perfect for those who have extremely busy schedules and mom or dad is driving everywhere! Not enough time between pick up and drop off to add one more activity! But with online lessons, mom or dad can get a driving break! 

In order to take an online lesson, you will need a computer or an iPhone, iRig interface and headphones*! 

To ensure that the quality between the student and the teacher is optimum, you will need to purchase an interface to allow clear and seamless connection.

iRig is $39.99 and we carry it in store!  

* Ideally, you should also wear a set of headphones to hear clearly and isolate the background sounds. 

When you sign up for ONLINE lessons, if you purchase your gear from us, we will give you the first online lesson for "FREE".

Online lessons are set up the same as our in store lessons. Once per week, same time each week. Billing/payrment occurs at the start of each month to pay for the month. (Autopay is the standard billing process.)

The cost for online lessons is $35 per 1/2 hour or $65 for 1 hour. (Monthly typical cost is $140.00 per month for 1/2 hour. Occasinally there is a 5-week month adding another $35 to that month's fees.)

If you are interested in ONLINE lessons, please send an email to or call (973) 927-5800 Ext 106 to express your interest and be put on the wait list for the startup of the program.


Age Range: 
All Ages

Private lessons at The Music Den

Lesson Structure

The lesson structure at The Music Den is required monthly attendance. Upon sign up, you should expect to attend lessons every week at the designated time agreed. The teacher will be available for a one-on-one lesson for either 1/2 hour or for 1 hour.

Lesson Rates

  4 week Month 5 week Month
Lesson Rates
($31/ half-hour)
$124 $155
Family Discount $116 $145
Voice Lessons
($37/ half-hour)
$148 $185