On Site Keyboarding Classes for Senior Centers

Class Description: 

This is an exciting new offer from The Music Den. Senior Centers in the surrounding area who are interested in having classes taught in their location can contact us at the education desk to arrange a visit and set up for classes.

Typically a class lasts 4-weeks. (8-weeks are ideal). The cost for the 1-hour weekly class is $25 per class. ($100 for a 4-week session).

The teacher will come to the Senior Activity Center, set up the keyboards, and bring materials to support class learning including books, handouts, and guides. 

Each center has the option to rent the keyboards to keep them on-site for weekly personal practice before the next class.

In addition, if any student would like to take private lessons after a session, the teacher is available on a scheduled basis. 

Call today (973) 927-5800 Ext 106 and speak to Angela Marcone, Education Manager.

Email: angela@themusicden.com

Age Range: 
All Ages

Private lessons at The Music Den

Lesson Structure

The lesson structure at The Music Den is required monthly attendance. Upon sign up, you should expect to attend lessons every week at the designated time agreed. The teacher will be available for a one-on-one lesson for either 1/2 hour or for 1 hour.

Lesson Rates

  4 week Month 5 week Month
Lesson Rates
($31/ half-hour)
$124 $155
Family Discount $116 $145
Voice Lessons
($37/ half-hour)
$148 $185