Jacob Maurer

Primary Instrument: 

Jacob graduated from the Musicians Institute in 2009 located in California. This Institute is the largest contemporary music school in the world! Jacob’s main instrument is the Electric Bass. However, hold on to your hat! Jacob has received numerous awards for outstanding music performance. During his college years, Jacob not only tutored other college students for competitions, theoretical compositions, but he worked with them to prepare for their solo performances. His musical inclinations allow him to pick up almost any instrument and play it! Talk about multi-talented. Jacob offers lessons in: Flute, Guitar, Cello, Violin, Piano, Upright Bass, to name a few.  His open personality and tailored teaching style is fresh and inspiring to his students. Jacob is one of our most sought teachers. He has a full schedule! If you wish to make an appointment for an interview, please contact our Education Desk. Keep an eye out for Jacob’s upcoming offerings of Music Theory and Composition Classes.

Private lessons at The Music Den

Lesson Structure

The lesson structure at The Music Den is required monthly attendance. Upon sign up, you should expect to attend lessons every week at the designated time agreed. The teacher will be available for a one-on-one lesson for either 1/2 hour or for 1 hour.

Lesson Rates

  4 week Month 5 week Month
Lesson Rates
($31/ half-hour)
$124 $155
Family Discount $116 $145
Voice Lessons
($37/ half-hour)
$148 $185