Bass Guitar

We offer lessons for the Bass Guitar. A great instrument to start with from the string family. If you are interested in honing your talent for playing in a band, this is the place to start. The Music Den offers a "Rock Band Class" and we are always looking for bass players. Learning to play the bass is a much needed skill for many bands. Guitar students are welcome to experience the additional training of being able to play bass. With our qualified instructors, you can gain competent note reading abilities to add to your arsenal of playing skills.  

Jacob Maurer
Clint Morris
Mike Spoer
Ben Newman
Scott Miller
Joe Egan
Jeff Crimando

Private lessons at The Music Den

Lesson Structure

The lesson structure at The Music Den is required monthly attendance. Upon sign up, you should expect to attend lessons every week at the designated time agreed. The teacher will be available for a one-on-one lesson for either 1/2 hour or for 1 hour.

Lesson Rates

  4 week Month 5 week Month
Lesson Rates
($31/ half-hour)
$124 $155
Family Discount $116 $145
Voice Lessons
($37/ half-hour)
$148 $185