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Cailin Cienki


Cailin graduated from The Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education.  While at Potsdam she participated in many ensembles as a trumpet player.  She has played a variety of styles from jazz, to classical, to traditional Irish, Scottish, and German music.

Cailin's goal for each student is that they become the best musician they can be.  Her lessons are tailored to the individual by asking about any previous experiences, methods used in school, and student's individual goals.  She understands how challenging learning to play an instrument can be and the effort it takes to improve on technical and lyrical skills.  Understanding these struggles is what helps her make learning an instrument fun and more comfortable.  

Cailin's kind, sincere, and supportive approach make every lesson productive and fun.  Inquire about lessons with Cailin Monday or Wednesday's at the Music Den!

Cailin Cienki
Primary Instrument