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Jacob Maurer


Jacob graduated from the Musicians Institute (located in California) in 2009 with a degree in contemporary music performance. Jacob is a multi-instrumentalist from Northern New Jersey. Early in life Jacob was an electric bass player, primarily performing with hard rock and heavy metal acts. Later, through a school choir program, he began working in pit bands for local theater productions for musicals ranging from My Fair Lady to Rocky Horror Picture Show. While attending school in Los Angeles Jacob was exposed to a much larger array of music including contemporary classical performances, small jazz combos, and all types of Latin dance music.

Jacob currently teaches at The Music Den Sunday through Thursday. He also teaches at a Montessori School. He enjoys performing at every available opportunity as an organist for church choirs, in string quartets, as a bassist in jazz groups, and on synthesizer, piano, banjo, mandolin, cello, or flute with singer songwriters.

In his free time Jacob also composes for these various ensembles and writes electronic music while also advancing his own understanding of new instruments. Most recently the vibraphone, trumpet, trombone, and French Horn.

Currently Jacob is available for private lessons Monday through Thursday as well as Sunday.

Jacob Maurer
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