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Ludmila Keller


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ludmilla Keller has been studying music since the age of 6. She attended a private music school, then was musically homeschooled by her parents.  After arriving in the United States she continued her studies at Edward R. Murrow School Screen Program for music majors.  This school was the beginning of her life long orchestra career.

Ludmila received her first "official" student in 2002 after tutoring violin students in two high schools and has been teaching privately ever since.  Her teaching style is a combination of traditional Russian and American schooling which is influenced by being exposed to three different cultures growing up.  Ludmila provides a classical approach to students of all ages and levels.  In addition to her weekly lessons, she involves her students in annual and bi-annual recitals, practice log programs, and completion awards. Many of her students have qualified for region orchestra in North and Central New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

Ludmila is an adult mentor at with the Sussex County Youth Orchestra.

Ludmila Keller
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