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Mitchell Martin


Mitchell has been studying and performing music for the past 14 years. As a Music Education major at Oklahoma City University he studied with Michael Raiber a noted music educator. He spent his time working with many schools in the area including El Sistema, an afterschool program designed to bring music to those without access. Mitch performs with orchestras in the New Jersey and New York area on bassoon, oboe and clarinet. Most recently he has begun performing as a woodwind doubler in musicals including Aladdin on Broadway, the Lyric Theatre, and Mac-Haydn Theatre. Along with his experience in large ensembles he has performed in a multitude of chamber ensembles (woodwind quintets, quartets, trios, clarinet and flute choirs and various octets) for the last 7 years.

As a teacher, Mitch believes it is important for the student to have a strong grasp of the basic tonal and technical aspects allowing the student more freedom to be expressive. Once a basic understanding of these concepts is achieved students are then allowed to enjoy and express themselves through any music they wish to perform.

Currently, Mitchell is available for private lessons Saturdays and Sundays.

Mitchell Martin
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