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Ronda Oosterhoff


Ronda began her teaching career young, musically tutoring neighborhood kids as a teenager.  This opened the opportunity for her to become an accompanist for soloists, small ensembles, as well as large groups at school, church, and community events.  “The constant learning and improvising keep it fun.”


Initially, Ronda accompanied to make extra money, but her love for music drew her to minor in Music at Hope College during her junior year while studying abroad in Durham, England.  Ronda has taught and/or performed music is some capacity ever since. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Hope College, a Master of Arts degree in Communications from Wheaton College, and a PhD in Communication Studies from Northwestern University.


Ronda currently plays regularly at Sparta Evangelical Free Church where she uses her classical note-reading skills as well as modern improvisation.  Ronda has performed for weddings, funerals, and coffee houses. Her teaching style incorporates fundamentals as well as tailoring to the individual needs of the student. “Dynamic music moments require versatility in as many styles as the student is willing to invest and practice.  All ages can learn music: from 4 to 104”. Ronda can attest that the brain processes music differently throughout a lifetime - and everyone is “gifted” with different levels of innate ability - but music instruction can always be rewarding for all involved.

Ronda is available on Wednesday.

Ronda Oosterhoff
Primary Instrument